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Three Great Canton Michigan Parks


Three Great Canton Michigan Parks

Canton Township offers a quality of life and so many ways to get outside, have some fun, and experience some fresh air. There are many recreational ways to unwind and create memories, whether you enjoy hiking, bird watching, biking, walking, yoga, running, or occasional afternoon picnics.
One of the best ways to enjoy Clinton, Michigan is a quick visit to some of the interesting parks this quiet township has to offer. Parks represent the diversity of the community. There is a diverse range of parks for you to enjoy, whether you are looking for a playground, a
nature trail, or just a nice place to relax and escape the noise and chaos of everyday life. 
To get you started, here are three of the best parks you should explore if you stay or are
visiting Canton, Michigan. 
1. Griffin Park Canton Michigan - Features

Griffin Park Canton Michigan

Griffin Park is located at Sheldon Rd and Cherry Hill Rd in Canton. It is open from 6 am
until 10 pm daily. The playground has one large play structure. If you are accompanying kids,
they will enjoy the climbing options, four slides, and monkey bars. The kids' play area is
covered with soft wood chippings to minimize injuries in case of any major falls. 
Visiting the parks is quite convenient since it’s located a short distance from their spacious
paved parking lot. 
Other Amenities 
Other than the playground, Griffin Park offers plenty of sports opportunities. You can play
basketball, baseball, softball, as well as tennis. The pedestrian paths overlook the creek and
the pond for a scenic view, in addition to a woodland area that you can explore. 
There is a little free library on the site as well if you want some quiet study time. Play frisbee
or catch, go for a jog or walk, have a picnic, practice Yoga, and so much more. And yes, pets
are allowed on leash, so feel free to tag your furry friend along. 
Features in Summary 
 Basketball Courts
 Tennis Courts
 Baseball Diamonds
 Kids Play Centre

2. Heritage Park - Canton Michigan

Heritage Park Canton Michigan

Heritage Park is located at the northwest corner of Canton Center Road S. and Summit
Parkway. The Park is free and features a playground, athletic fields, splash playground,
pavilions, walking paths, restrooms, wood trails, amphitheater, sand volleyball, and much
more. The park’s opening hours are from 6 am to 10 pm daily. 
Heritage is a great recreational park for people who live nearby. The park has something for
almost everyone and caters to all ages and interests. The covered picnic area, drinking
fountains, grasslands, and sporting fields are hard to miss. The beautiful pond is dotted with

fascinating geese and ducks. You can get a better view of this if you stroll along the bridge
that arches into the pond. 
There is a decent amount of trees with plenty of benches to rest on the walkways. Each year
in June, Heritage park hosts the Liberty Festival near the playground area. So if you’re
around during this time, you are guaranteed extra fun!
Features Summary 
 Soccer Fields
 Baseball Diamonds
 Kids Water Splash Area
 Park Amphitheatre

3. Freedom Park - Canton Michigan

Freedom Park Canton Michigan

Freedom Park, located in Canton, MI, is a Park that offers outdoor recreation and nature
preservation. It’s a great public space open to anyone.
Being a public space open to the general public, the Park offers open spaces under the
maintenance of the Canton Parks Department. Freedom Park is a relatively small family park
with plenty of activities –there is always something for everyone. It’s also clean and well
The park features a basketball court, playscape, soccer fields, tennis courts, a sand volleyball
court, picnic tables, a pavilion, paved trails, and clean restrooms. The large sand area near the
playscape is an awesome spot if have your little ones in the company. 
 The park also features a fantastic 9-hole disc golf course, great if you are just starting. It's an
easy layout, no holes over 350 feet, and has open and woodsy shots for you to challenge
Features Summary 
 Disk Golf Course
 Kids Jungle GYM
 Sand Volleyball Courts
 Lunch Pavilion