May 29

Vacuuming Does Not Count As Carpet Cleaning, Here Is Why.

You probably know that vacuuming your carpet 1-2 times a week is recommended to keep it looking clean and free of dust. If you have a high-traffic home with lots of kids and pets running around, you might even need to vacuum daily. Going for too long without vacuuming can lead to accumulation of dirt, allergens and other forms of contaminants that will make your living space unhealthy and uncomfortable.

Important as it may seem, vacuuming is not considered a form of cleaning and cannot replace the need for hiring professional carpet cleaning services. Experts and carpet manufacturers don’t consider vacuuming as a carpet cleaning method. In fact, most carpet manufacturers will void your warranty if you rely on vacuuming as your only way of cleaning your carpet. Here are important reasons why vacuuming alone isn’t enough. 

1.    Vacuuming Only Removes Dirt From The Surface

Vacuuming will only remove some of the dirt and dust on the surface of your carpet. Even vacuum cleaners with the most powerful suctioning action will leave things beneath the surface such as dust mites, bacteria, dead skin cells, pollen, pet dander, and allergens. Benefits of professional carpet cleaning machines will remove everything from deep within the carpet fibers. 

A professional carpet cleaning machine will inject hot water loaded with an appropriate detergent deep into the carpet, scrub the carpet fibers and suck up all the dirt, filth and residue from your carpet. All the dirt particles in and beneath the carpet are extracted, leaving your carpet clean and the air quality in your home much better.

2.    Spots and Stains.

Accidents and spills happen all the time in our homes. And if you have a number of kids and active pets, the number of stains and spots on the carpet can add up really quick within a week. While vacuuming the affected area can help get rid of larger debris on the surface, it will always leave the discoloration and stains behind. In order to effectively get rid of the stains, you will need deep professional carpet cleaning.

3.    Vacuuming Doesn’t Remove Odors.

Stains, debris, and dirt go hand in hand with an unpleasant lingering odor that every homeowner hates. Vacuuming will only remove the surface debris but won’t remove the odor no matter how many times you vacuum. Getting rid of the odor requires your carpet to be fully cleaned all the way down using specialized cleaning solutions. So if you have pets in your home and the odor seems to be a bother, consider hiring professional carpet cleaning more frequently.

4.    You’re missing out on the “Like New” Look

When you hire a professional carpet cleaner in Canton MI to deep clean your carpet, you will appreciate the new look that comes with refreshed and restored carpet fibers. Most homeowners in Ann Arbor and Canton comment on the “like new” feel and look they experience after professional carpet cleaning. 

While vacuuming can clean the top layer of your carpet, it only provides superficial surface treatment. Most dirt and allergens sink into the bottom of the carpet fibers and make them inaccessible to vacuum cleaners. Once they’ve hardened and clumped together, only professional deep cleaning using a carpet cleaning machine can penetrate the bottom depths and get rid of all the dirt.

Why Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Well, we’ve already mentioned a number of benefits of having your carpet cleaned professionally, but there is more. First, most carpet manufacturers offer lengthy carpet warranties during carpet installation, but along with it comes a recommended cleaning regime. They will recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned once in 6-12 months or 12-18 months –and this is usually not negotiable if you want to retain your warranty.

Regular deep carpet cleaning  also extends the life of your carpet by eliminating the particles from deep in the carpet that wear and tear the carpet fibers over time. You also get to improve the quality of air in your living room, minimize health issues and the risk of allergies, and restore the glory and goods looks of your carpet.

So yes, vacuuming is important to remove the top dirt, dust, and debris, but deep cleaning is definitely not to be ignored if you want to get rid of the deep-seated grim, dirt and allergens. The best part is you only need professional carpet cleaning 1-2 times a year, so cost shouldn’t even be an issue.  

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