May 17

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

The carpet receives the most direct traffic in your home, which contributes to general wear and tear, and dirt accumulation. It’s critical to properly maintain your carpet and keep it clean to increase its longevity. Your home’s carpet should be professionally cleaned 2-4 times a year depending on how much foot traffic it receives. 

You should also make a habit of vacuuming your carpet between professional cleanings, at least once per week. Here are just a few benefits of having your carpet cleaned professionally. 

1.Extends your carpet’s longevity carpet cleaning

Extending the life of your carpet is one of the major benefits of professional cleaning. Over time, dust, allergens, dirt, and other contaminants accumulate in your carpet and embed themselves in the fibers. This causes the carpet fibers to split and eventually deteriorate.

Professional Cleaning removes this built up of debris and prevents further accumulation which improves the longevity of your carpet. Typically, professional carpet cleaners use cleaning processes which involve hot water extraction and steaming that help to effectively remove the dirt from deep within the fabrics, leaving the carpet sanitized. 

2.Carpet Cleaning can prevent mold growth

If you stay in areas with high levels of humidity, your dirty carpet is highly likely to develop molds when it gets in contact with moisture. Moisture can either sip into the carpet from the floor or from the air during humid seasons if the carpet is not regularly vacuumed or dried. 

Professional carpet and rug cleaners have treating agents and high-powered drying equipment that eliminate moisture and prevent mildew and mold growth. Remember, if mold and mildew are ignored for too long, it can be quite harmful to your health.

3.Improved Health

Dirty carpets are notorious for harboring all kinds of pollutants and allergens including dust particles, pet dander, lead, cockroach allergens, bacteria, and everyday dirt. When vacuuming or walking on the carpet, this pollutants become air born and contaminate the air within your home. 

If you and your family are exposed to this contaminated air, you can easily develop allergies and breathing problems such as asthma. Vacuuming can help remove dirt, bacteria, dust, and other allergens –however, this doesn’t remove the pollutants completely, and over time, they will accumulate. Professional carpet cleaning removes all the dirt, dust, and other allergens, ultimately reducing the risk of health problems. 

4.Eliminates Carpet Stains

Removing tough stains is another major benefit of having your carpet cleaned by professionals. Conventional cleaning and vacuuming only remove loose dirt and stains, but chances are you will still see traces of the stain after cleaning.

Steam cleaning and hot water extraction methods used by professionals can remove tough stains such as pet stains, ink, coffee spills, red win, Dirt and mud leaving a clean carpet with no stain traces. After your carpet has been professionally cleaned, you won’t have to worry about staring at the ugly spots feeling helpless.

5.Enhances overall room appearance

Your carpet is probably the largest furnishing in your home, and it also happens to be the most used. While this makes sense, not many homeowners consider how a dirty carpet can impact the overall appeal of their home. 

You might not notice it at first, but continuous dirt and dust accumulation over time can make your room look outdated and dirty just by the condition of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t only clean the carpet fibers making them look new, but also improves your room’s aesthetics. 

6.Clears out dust mite infestations.

Dust mites, as the names suggest, are microscopic mites that reside primarily in dusty environments. They leave behind body fragments and fecal matter which produce allergenic reactions when inhaled. Unfortunately, many homeowners who have mite infestation don’t realize it because they’re tiny. Our professional carpet cleaning uses steam cleaning which exposes the carpet to high temperatures under which dust mite won’t survive. 

Benefits of professional cleaning go on and on, and the above are just the main ones we could pick off our fingertips. Overall, if you want to extend the life of your carpet, completely get rid of dust, dirt, debris, and stains, prevent mold growth and improve the overall appearance of your room, you should consider professional carpet cleaning.

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