May 18

6 Ways to Find the Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Ann Arbor

Making Sure You Have The Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Ann Arbor


Looking for the best carpet cleaning company in Ann Arbor? The carpet is an extremely important part of your interior décor, considering that it covers a significantly large area of your interior space. One of the best ways to keep it looking clean and admirable is by procuring regular professional deep cleaning services.


Professional carpet cleaning helps to remove all the deep-seated dirt, grit particles and allergens that tend to accumulate in your carpet fibers over time. Steam carpet cleaning is also the best way to make sure that all the odor and germs are totally eliminated.


That being said, finding a reliable, efficient and affordable carpet cleaning company in Ann Arbor, Canton or Ypsilanti, Michigan can be quite a task. While there is no shortage of companies offering carpet cleaning services here, you need a company that offers consistency and reputable services that will keep your carpet performing at its best, for longer.


Here is a quick list of tips on how to find the best carpet cleaning company, for your reference.


  1.     Carpet Cleaning Experience

Having decades of cleaning experience doesn’t automatically translate to quality and reliable services, but if the company has managed to stick around and has a positive standing in the industry, it means they’re doing something right.


If the company has offered carpet cleaning services for years, it means that they have explored all the possible methods and will know the best one for your type of carpet and situation. Additionally, they’re least likely to make silly mistakes, like using the wrong cleaning chemical that would potentially bleach all the colors out of your carpet. 3 to 5 years of experience is a good start, but the more the better.


  1.     Facilities and Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Good quality carpet cleaning equipment is key to getting impressive and long-lasting results. Reliable companies use modern equipment that will not only eliminate deep-seated dirt from your carpet fibers but also protect it from further damage. Some companies tend to use low-quality, cheap cleaning equipment, and supplies that end up compromising the quality and durability of the carpet.  


  1.    Ask for References 

Reliable professional carpet cleaning companies in Ann Arbor have a long list of repeat clients that you can call and ask about their experience with that particular company. An honest and efficient company shouldn’t hesitate to refer you to some of their clients if you need additional information –if they have no references or are unwilling to offer some, move on.


  1.    Accreditations

Many homeowners treat carpet cleaning service as casual work, which is why some of them don’t expect the service providers to have any education or some form of accreditation. However, if you’re going to let ‘strangers’ into your home or property, you need to make sure you can trust them, and they know what they’re doing. Request them to show you all the necessary licensing, accreditations and certifications that prove they’re legit and efficient.  


  1.    Reputation


The reputation of the company you’re dealing with matters a lot –if the company you’re considering has been consistently offering quality and reliable cleaning services, chances are you will get similar services when you hire them. You can tell a lot about the company’s reputation by what their clients are saying about it.


The best way to go about this is to check for online reviews and feedback on platforms like Google My Business, directories like Yelp and home improvement sites such as Angie’s list. Have a look at the general rating, reviews and how the company handles negative feedback. If the company has a significantly high number of negative reviews and feedback, run!


  1.    Types of Cleaning Services Being Offered


There’re four main methods of carpet cleaning offered by most companies i.e. Dry Carpet Cleaning/Bonnet cleaning, Encapsulation Cleaning, Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning), and Dry powder cleaning. Each method has its pros and cons and depending on your carpet material and your preferences, one method might be better than the other. A seasoned professional cleaning company should be able to offer a number of these methods and advise you on what is the best option for your specific carpet cleaning needs.


Bottom line


With the above 6 tips, choosing the best carpet cleaning company shouldn’t be much of a hassle. Once you’ve identified 2-3 local cleaning service providers, filter them down to your favorite using the above list and you should get high-quality, dependable and affordable carpet cleaning services.