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Get the best cleaning service experience possible with Steves Air Duct and Carpet.  Providing several cleaning service options to keep your home's living space and air smelling 100%. 

Take advantage of our HVAC/Air Duct, Upholstery, and carpet cleaning as we can remove stains, dirt, grime, and allergens from both the air, carpets, and furniture.  

Using industry strength steam cleaning equipment we can get the stain out of your living areas and with our professional tools, we are able to clear those air duct from debris and dust. 

$33 Per Room Carpet Steam Clean Special

*Max 1500 sqft

**Minimum of 3 Rooms

**Does not Includes carpet stain treatment

****Residential Only 

$45 Per Room  Carpet Steam Clean Special 

*Max1000 sqft

**Minimum of 2 Rooms

***Does not Includes carpet stain treatment

****Residential Only 

Ann Arbor Air Duct/HVAc Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Our Ann Arbor based Air Duct and HVAC cleaning team is equipped with all the necessary equipment to return your ventilation system to a like new condition. 

The cleaning of Air Ducts and HVAC systems is something home/business owners often overlook but not with out negative side effects. 

Over time your duct work will collect debris, dust and allergens, causing for poor air quality and enhanced reactions to those with allergen sensitive illnesses.

Our cleaning service can rid your environment of all these contaminants and further improve the quality of air.  

Ann Arbor Carpet  Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Ann Arbor

No matter how often you clean, over time your carpet and upholstery will build up dirt and grime from everyday use.  

This dirt and or stains will work their way deep into the fibers making them un-removable via traditional cleaning methods.  

Our high temperature steam cleaning services are designed to remove the deepest of stains and dirt from both carpet and upholstery. 

Using high quality, eco-friendly chemicals our Ann Arbor Carpet Cleaning team is able revitalize old carpet that would otherwise needed to be replaced.  

Ann Arbor vent deodorization

Vent/Air Duct Cleaning Ann Arbor

Your HVAC vent system is a direct source for fresh air in your home or business, so it makes sense that it should be clean.  

An un-clean vent, or air duct system will often result in odors that carry an essence of mold, dust, or undesirable smells that can contaminate the quality of air and reduce the quality of living in your home.   

Build up of humidity, dust, or even animal wast can is often the culprit to all of the above mentioned problem areas.  

Vent deodorizing can resolve these issues, leaving your home or business smelling fresh and clean. 

Ann Arbor Insulation removal

Insulation Remediation Ann Arbor Michigan

Insulation removal is often a required step in the process of revamping your homes heating and cooling elements.  

However, before the new insulation is installed the old must come out. This process isn't always as easy as it sounds, especially if the old insulation has broken down or is the blow in style.  

Our insulation removal process will save your time and the head ache of removing the old insulation from your home or business.

Get your home or business ready for installation today with our professional insulation removal services.  

Ann Arbor Dryer Vent Cleaning

Ann Arbor Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

The dryer vent is a an area when left unattended could result in serious or even fatal side effects in addition to poor machine performance. 

With the combination of dryer heat and the build-up of lint your vents can often become a hazard for fire.

In addition to hazards a plugged up dryer vent will also inhibit the performance of your machines moisture evacuation, which reduces efficiency.

Dryer vent cleaning services alleviate the mentioned performance issues and safety hazards.  

Recommended to be performed once a year, call us today for a price quote.  

Commercial Pricing

Ann Arbor Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Contact us today for discount pricing on commercial or small business accounts.  

 Let us keep things clean and fresh while you run your business.

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About Us

Working with industry leading carpet and air duct cleaning equipment we can confidently say we will get the stain out. 

Servicing Ann Arbor for over 5 years we have been helping residents and commercial businesses clean the air and revive their carpets.

Providing personable cleaning services we are a locally owned and operate cleaning company.     


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